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Finding the Right Company for Home Remodeling in Orlando, FL

When it comes to hiring someone to handle your home remodeling in Orlando, FL, you’ll want to make sure you pick the best. While we wish we could reference a single company as “the best,” it’s just not possible. Whether you’re looking for Orlando kitchen remodeling or Orlando bathroom remodeling, your situation is certain to be unique.

Because of this, picking the right contractor is going to require you to follow a simple process. Don’t rush through it, though, as it’s an essential part of making sure the entire process goes smoothly. If you want to avoid some of the horror stories your neighbors might have told you about home remodeling in Orlando, FL, then taking your time with the following steps is essential.

While we’ve done everything we could to make this guide complete, the unique nature of your project may mean that there’s an additional step required. If you have any questions about any of these steps, feel free to contact us – we’re here to help!

Determine the Kind of Home Remodeling in Orlando, FL You Need

Before you even contact anyone for home remodeling in Orlando, FL, you’ll want to figure out what kind of remodeling you’ll actually need. This goes a lot deeper than just thinking about whether or not it’s a cosmetic remodeling project or a complete overhaul of your property, though.

Don’t just think about the visual or utilitarian aspects of your remodeling project. Also consider the different types of improvements you can make in your home when it comes to being “green.” These changes aren’t just great for the environment, but can also be great for your wallet.

Since you’re already going to have a rather extensive project handled, including green upgrades where possible (especially when it comes to Orlando kitchen remodeling and Orlando bathroom remodeling) might be a smart idea. You’re already having extensive work handled, so adding in a few “green” upgrades should be less expensive.

When you factor in the long-term energy savings you’ll experience, it can actually help to reduce the entire cost of your home renovation.

Check for Reviews and References for Home Remodeling in Orlando, FL

Don’t just settle on reviewing one company for your Orlando bathroom remodeling. The same is true when it comes for Orlando kitchen remodeling. Investigating multiple contractors is important if you want to find the best.

A critical component of the evaluation process is asking for referrals. Get at least three from each contractor, and be sure to actually reach out to them. Find out how they felt about:

· working with the contractor

· how well they stuck to their bid

· the long term quality of their work

· whether or not the customer would use them again

Since these references may be “cherry picked” (meaning the company providing home remodeling in Orlando, FL knows they’ll give positive feedback) you also need to look for unsolicited reviews online. Search for their name with your favorite search engine and see what pops up.

Assess the Bids – The Price of Home Remodeling in Orlando, FL

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the three companies you like the best, ask for initial bids. They should all be relatively similar, but some may seem to be drastically different. Don’t just assume that the lowest bid for home remodeling in Orlando, FL is the best option – and don’t think that the highest is the worst.

Instead, if the bids are higher or lower by a margin of 15%, you should ask the contractors why. Some may seem cheaper, but it’s because the contractor forgot to include something important. Others that seem more expensive may turn out to be complete bids using the highest quality materials.

Determining what causes the difference between the bids will allow you to understand which one is actually the best. Don’t just focus on the numbers. Focus on the actual work that will be completed. This helps you avoid potential issues in the future.

You should also take time to understand the fee structure. A deposit will be required, but you should never be asked to cover more than 50% of the bid with it. You also want to clearly understand when additional payments will be made, as well as the amounts of each.

Don’t forget to ask what happens if unexpected expenses are incurred. Having a clear idea of how all of the payments need to be made will help your Orlando bathroom remodeling project to flow smoothly.

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